M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH

M. Braun is a manufacturer of glove boxes and other vacuum techonolgy devices which has a worldwide sales and service network. Their products provide a solution for applications where the process has to be isolated from the ambient conditions in order to protect the sample, the operator or the technology.

Who needs M. Braun systems?

- Universities and Research Institutes
- Discharge Lamp production
- Laser and TIG Welding
- Nano Powder Technology
- Catalyst Material Technology
- Li-Ion Battery production
- Semiconductor production (e.g.OLED)
- Nuclear Industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry

And a rapidly increasing number of other products which requiring very pure and inert atmosphere within certain production steps.

M. Braun products:

- Glove boxes - main purpose is to protect materials, processes from ambient conditions
- Isolators - main purpose is to protect the operator from the materials and processes inside the isolator
- Laboratory gas purifiers
- Solvent purification systems
- EVAPs - vacuum deposition tools
- Accessories: Vacuum IR ovens, Convection ovens, Hotplates.



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