greateyes GmbH

greateyes GmbH is an aspiring manufacturer of scientific high-performance cameras for imaging and spectroscopic applications based in Germany. The company is passionate about innovative, cutting-edge technology and strives for continuous product improvement. Based on a unique platform concept, customers can choose from a large portfolio of cameras featuring high dynamic range combined with excellent sensitivities from the X-ray through EUV to the VIS and NIR region.
Furthermore, greateyes has become a leading international supplier of electroluminescence and photoluminescence measurement systems. These devices make the optimization of wafer manufacturing and a detailed quality assessment possible, and hence supporting research and development in the semiconductor industry. Along with Humboldt University of Berlin, greateyes was awarded the Berlin-Brandenburg innovation prize for the LED-based photoluminescence inspection system.
greateyes was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Humboldt University in Berlin. The start-up quickly developed into an international acting company. Today it has strong customers in research and industry from many different countries. Cameras or systems were sold to many countries from the EU, but also to China, India, Korea, Russia, South Africa, the U.S, and others.
Our passion is the continuous advancement of our unique camera technology and associated products. Our central goals are satisfied customers, innovation and good team spirit.



NIR VIS UV cameras – from 1024x128 to 2048x2048 pixels:
- NIR_VIS_UV_Cameras pdf
- UV_VIS_NIR_LF-Cameras pdf

VUV EUV X-ray cameras – from 1024x256 to 4096x4096 pixels:
- VUV_XUV_XRAY_4k_4k_Cameras pdf
- VUV_XUV_XRAY_Cameras pdf
- VUV_XUV_XRAY_LF-Cameras pdf

VUV EUV X-ray cameras in-vacuum – from 1024x256 to 2048x2048 pixels:
- InVacuum_Cameras pdf
- InVacuum_LF_Cameras pdf

Scientific SuperResolution Cameras (NEW PRODUCT):
- Scientific_SuperResolution_Cameras pdf


Napelem modulok ellenőrzésére – laboratóriumi, in-line, kültéri és hordozható kivitel:
- LSP Inline Datasheet pdf
- LumiSolarOutdoor_Brochure pdf
- LumiSolarProf_Brochure pdf

Napelem-cella & Wafer ellenőrzésére – elektro- és fotolumineszcencia rendszerek
- LumiSolarCell_Brochure pdf