NEWSLETTER | June 2016

PixelCam VIS-NIR
PIXELTEQ will be introducing the PixelCam VIS-NIR at Optatec this year. The multispectral snapshot camera delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift.

Custom bayer filter patterns are integrated into the focal plan array to create robust linear and area multispectral imaging sensors.
PixelCam VIS-NIR is ideal for medical, defense, agricultural, and industrial applications.   
SpectroCam SWIR
Also new to Optatec this year is the SpectroCam SWIR. This multispectral wheel camera produces live processed images of 6 spectral bands at full-frame resolution and rates up to 25 frames per second.

SpectroCam is a portable,
ready-to-go system and its
easy-to-use software will get you
going within minutes. 
With InGaAs sensors in either 320 or 640px versions, these SWIR and VIS-SWIR cameras are ideally suited for agriculture, medical and cultural heritage applications.   

Micro-Patterned Filters
PIXELTEQ's exclusive technology enables patterning of multiple dielectric, metal & color filter arrays on a single substrate. Our standardized process is scalable to wafer-level glass or semiconductor volume production.

Enhance your performance in a multitude of biomedical, industrial, and aerospace OEM applications with integrated optical devices that are more compact, robust & cost-effective.

Find out how PIXELTEQ can support your UV-VIS-SWIR applications with customized OEM solutions including spectral filters and sensors, micro-patterned filter arrays, and camera solutions. Contact us at, or visit Optatec booth #J33 in Frankfurt next week. We're ready to discuss how our technology can help you solve real-world problems. 
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